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Custom and New Pallets

Fewer equipment, reduced outer packing material, and comprehensive product support are some of the many reasons why custom Pallets are the right option for your business. However not all Pallets are the same and can fit your company’s needs– and that’s just fine. APC’s new and custom pallet designs are made specifically for your products. We can make any size palletou like by making the most efficient use of space.

Block Pallets

Under the roof of APC, we combine effectiveness and sustainability into reliable products. Due to their great dimensional diversity, our block Pallets can be used flexibly and offer numerous advantages over solid wood and plastic blocks. Compared to other types, block Pallets are often stronger and can save money in the long run.


For many companies, crates have become a crucial storage and shipping option when it comes to handling, carrying and storing products easily and more efficiently. Striving to keep your business viable with green solutions, APC offers reliable wooden shipping crates as a flexible packaging option. Our crates are inexpensive enough to be used as a one-way shipping choice. Shop our wood crates for sale today!


APC has been designing and building custom A-frames for many years. Backed by more than capable crew and state-of-the-art technology systems, our A-frames are personalized and fit your specific requirement. Before handing you the product, we evaluate the weight load, material handling systems, and keep in mind various other specifics to make the best possible recommendations. Our professional experts are always at the ready to help choose the perfect application while carrying hundreds of different molding choices and archival materials for all your custom framing needs.

Wood Chips, Bins, Lumber, and Sawdust

APC supplies various kinds of wood chips, bins, lumber, and sawdust to customers throughout Arizona. These products are used in the manufacturing of paper, particle board, and Pallets, as well as planting for nurseries and bedding for livestock. Ensuring the supreme quality, our products will not deteriorate or blow away quickly, free from debris, and hard-wearing. Specialized in design and manufacturing, APC products can best fulfil your business requirements.

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