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About US

Welcome to APC Pallets Inc.

APC Pallets Inc was founded in 1993 by Arturo and Irma Carranza. APC Pallets is a full-service pallet manufacturing and distribution company that provides standard or customized wood Pallets to various companies in the Valley. APC Pallets specializes in the design of wood Pallets, block Pallets , crates, wooden frames and much more.  APC Pallet’s personnel will walk you through every step of the process to create a custom pallet that perfectly complements your business needs.

Our team takes seriously our core company values: Professionalism, Dependability, and Familiarity. Practicing these essential values in the workplace have contributed to the growth of our company, therefore making it one of the leading pallet businesses in Arizona.

Whether you need new or custom wood Pallets , crates, lumber or wood packaging materials, choose APC Pallets as your one-stop solution that serves the entire state of Arizona.

The Origins

APC is a family owned business that was established in August of 1993. Arturo and Irma Carranza started APC after Arturo was laid off from his employer at the time due to this inability to speak fluent English. The frustration that he felt led to the vision of starting his own company. Arturo had acquired the knowledge and skills having worked in the pallet industry for the previous nine years. APC has been able to grow this business substantially since inception despite language barriers and deconstructive criticism. Arturo managed the logistics and production of the company. Whereas, Irma supervised the company’s accounting and financials. The company is now managed by Arturo and Irma’s children. Carmen, Carlos, Rebecca, Elida and Arturo Jr assist in many facets of the company. The company employs over 25 skilled workers which are instrumental in the expansion of the company.  The company has grown from 8 customers in 1993 to over 100 today. Over the last 15 years the company has grown from nothing to a successful business.

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